Small Earrings, Seeds

Small Earrings, Seeds


Earrings Drop Earrings Not Bombs are a mixture of Middle-Eastern colour combinations, and patterns with specific meanings. The colourful earrings match well a unicolour dress or blouse.

Small Projects Istanbul is a centre in Turkey that offers work and education opportunities to Syrian refugees in Istanbul. One of their popular projects is making these beautiful earrings with a message of peace.

Take a look at a video by AJ+ about the centre’s activities and earrings.

 Materials: brass plaited with gold or silver, silk thread

 Dimensions (total length): 4 cm

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About the Artisans

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The earrings and macrame products are supplied by Small Project Istanbul, a centre which supports Syrian refugee women in Istanbul to learn new skills and earn money by producing crafts. More than 60 Syrian women have grown in self-confidence and ownership of the brands "Drop Earrings Not Bombs" and "Muhra" which share their message of experience and individuality.

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