Rose Interior Basket

Rose Interior Basket

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An interior basket is great for storing and arranging things at home.The basket is ideal for storing hats and gloves in the hallway, blankets and scarves on the terrace, toiletries in the bathroom, or anything else anywhere you can imagine! It is a practical interior design element that suits every home. The basket has a wide bottom, holding a lot of stuff, and can be easily moved around thanks to its goatskin handles. The basket is designed by Estonian designer Anne-Liis Leht.

Dimensions of small-sized basket: height 26 cm, diameter of the bottom: 31 cm.
Dimensions of medium-sized basket: height 28 cm, diameter of the bottom: 34 cm.
Dimensions of large-sized basket: height 28 cm, diameter of the bottom: 43 cm.

The basket is made of natural veta vera grass straw, handles are covered with goatskin. Avoid long-time use in humid conditions. Should the basket loose its shape, hydrate it lightly, and restore its initial form. Allow it to dry in a well-ventilated room. Colours may fade in contact with direct sunlight. Caution: this product may splinter.

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About the Artisans


Yen Pang Basket Weavers cooperative was established in 2014 with the support of Estonian NGO Mondo. Having initially started with eight women under a mango tree, the cooperative has now quadrupled in size, and has its own centre for weaving and storing the baskets. The cooperative is also training other women in nearby villages in basket weaving.

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I absolutely love Mamaa Trade’s interior baskets and carry on baskets. As a mother of two toddlers the interior baskets are absolute necessity to store all the toys and Lego parts, being at the same time also a great interior elements. My children have both also little baskets, which they play with daily and based on my experience I can recommend these products as high quality and durable.
— Triinu Ossinovski
I just love these baskets! They have nice colours and design. It’s a good present for Christmas or birthday - useful, fair and beautiful.
— Veronika Svištš


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