Charcoal Facial Soap with Shea Butter

Charcoal Facial Soap with Shea Butter


This handcrafted shea soap is both cleansing and moisturising. It is black due to active charcoal that gives antibacterial properties. The scent is from aniseed essential oil giving the soap a sweet liquorice feeling.

The form is inspired from ice hockey puck. A perfect gift for hockey-loving men as an after-shave soap! Or for fishermen as aniseed soap is known to remove fish smell.

Weight: 100g

Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lye, aniseed essential oil

Handmade in Canada by Mamaa Trade with shea butter produced by Kongo Nagbok Nongtaab Shea Butter Production

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About the Artisans


Kongo Nagbok Nongtaab Shea Butter Production unites more than 100 widows in the community. Shea butter is often called African women’s gold, and is a skill that is passed on from mothers to daughters and every woman in the area knows how to make it for household needs. The partners of Mamaa Trade are located in Kongo village in Nabdam District, Upper-East Region of Ghana which is one of the poorest regions of the country. The area’s dry soil, coupled with erratic rainfall and harsh weather conditions, makes farming challenging.

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Tips & Tricks

Cannot imagine life in winter without a shea butter treatment for my hands and feet before going to sleep!
— Maari Ross

Producing oil from shea-tree nuts (also known as karité) is a traditional skill of the West-African women that is passed down from mother to daughter. It provides an extra income to the widows of Kongo village in Northern Ghana who produce all the unrefined, raw shea butter sold by Mamaa Trade. 

Shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F and various useful fatty acids. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Unrefined shea butter is particularly valuable because it is produced manually through a labour-intensive process which preserves all the good qualities of shea butter.

Use shea butter:

  • to moisturise your skin

  • to moisturise dry areas of skin (heels, elbows, chapped lips)

  • to protect against wind, cold, sun (especially face and lips)

  • as after sun cream to alleviate sunburn

  • to restore the natural shine of hair

Rub a small quantity of the shea butter in your palm until it has melted, then apply to the skin or hair.

Note: Keep shea butter away from direct sunlight, in a dry and cool place. Avoid repeated melting and cooling. Shea butter does not contain preservatives – it will have a longer life span when you use it with clean hands or a spatula.

I love the shea! You know that it’s ethical, since with your purchase you’re also supporting a community in Ghana and they can develop and grow & since there is this direct link with the makers, you know that it’s natural, pure, without any additives. I’ve used it to make my own creams and lotions.
— Terje Tamm


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