What does Mamaa stand for?!

Maybe you have noticed the Mamaa Trade logo with its interesting symbolism. It has been created by Estonian designer Kristjan Tramberg relying on traditional African symbolism characteristic to the work of Mamaa Trade.

mamaa logo2.tif.png

The logo symbol originates in the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol called "Fawohodie". It symbolises independence, freedom and emancipation. Parallel lines and repeating design symbolises equality. The symbol also symbolises a person - a woman. The posture is happy - hands up like in a dance. At the same time the figure stands firmly with two feet on the ground to "make a stand".

The way in which Mamaa is written serves a double meaning. On the one hand, it reads as Mamaa the name of the company that means both "mother" and "equal" or "fair" in the local Napti language. On the other hand, it also makes up the letter W symbolising "woman" or "women". Women as the symbol of fertility, caring and love. It can be also seen as comprising of skirts - a group of women who together form a collective where there is equality, unity and support among women.

That is what Mamaa stands for - women artisans and entrepreneurs, freedom and emancipation, equality, fair and ethical trade and being caring, loving and happy about the chances we've been given!

Johanna HelinComment