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Good for you, good for the producers, good for the planet


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Shea Butter in Bulk

Grade A & Fair Trade


Sustainable and ethical.

The word "mamaa" means "fair/equal" in the local Napti language of Nabdam District in Northern Ghana where our shea producers and basket weavers live. We believe in fair trade and direct links with our trading partners.


Make a positive change with each purchase!

When you buy products through us you support poor women to take better care of their children and their communities.

I never leave home in winter without a small tin of Mamaa’s shea butter - it keeps my lips moist and soft. Ahh, and I have received most compliments on the earrings sold to improve the lot of Syrian refugee women.
— Riina Kuusik-Rajasaar
The best way to support women in Africa is to buy their products. I love Mamaa Trade´s baskets, they look nice and are carefully made.
— Ulla Pohjanmaa
I love the crafts from Afghanistan - beautiful bags and teddy bears! Amazing quality of embroidery! And good to know that it supports the women in that war torn region.
— Diana Tamm

Behind Your Product

The most positive thing about the enterprise is that I can support my family with my creativity. Before, I never imagined I could make something creative with my hands. We have to communicate a lot with each other to do the work, to make sure we know exactly what the order is and how we can achieve excellent quality. We must love each other in this, to be producing good quality work.
— Rose, earring and tote bag maker
I’m very grateful of the opportunity to sell baskets to customers in Canada. In our local market the price of baskets is only half of what I get from Mamaa Trade. Making baskets is the only way of feeding my family. Before there were days when we did not have anything to eat. Now those days are gone.
— Victoria, basket maker

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