Peace bear from Afghanistan

Peace bear from Afghanistan


Instead of plastic cars or dolls why not to surprise your small friends with hand-made teddybear from Afghanistan?! With this unique gift you'll support the families in the countryside of Bamiyan. Five women are involved in making one bear. It provides important income to the families and carries a message of peace in a country torn by wars.

Each bear is unique and made with care and love. As it is handmade there can be variations in the models and colours.

Measures: height 18 cm

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About the Artisans

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Hand-embroidered bags, toys and pillowcases are supplied by Silk Road Bamiyan which consists of handicraft makers in Dragon Valley in the countryside of Afghanistan. Their embroidery shows the traditional skills and motives of the region. The products help the women preserve their skills and earn a living in a country suffering from the consequences of years of warfare.

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I love the crafts from Afghanistan - beautiful bags and teddy bears! Amazing quality of embroidery! And good to know that it supports the women in that war torn region.
— Diana Tamm


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